Saturday, July 28, 2007

Sc00p , me , BLUSH

* This is for Creamy's ~ * HHhahahahah , my front-side-length =p~ and my Blue Shirt. I told my caPt ( as he's wearing blue on that day too) , in Aussie, if you wear Blue on Friday, it means you're " Available " . " You mean you? " Capt asked. " Nope..... For GuyS only !! " I said. " OhHh! * Giggle *... yeah, perhaps 30 yrs back" ... HAhahhaha.. gosh..

[ Scoop ] , Warisan Square

I ordered Gelato Sandwich.

LOoks Nice, but Taste SuckS ;)

BLUSH is having SALES again lah............................... anyone be so kind to buy me one? free CatWAlk in Front of U =p


Creamster said...

haha ... finally, you've got me this photo. Not bad, u look good on your new hair style.

BTW, my mum said u slimmed down. Taking 'sad lunch' in the afternoon got results one ohhh

Denise said...

hahaha... u know, morning i keep snaping photo of mine bah (while my collq not yet sampai).. until the MAID look at me one kind u know.. hahahaha..
SAD LUNCH really SAD one u know...SObs Sobs... thank you very muChie to my deArest LIAngMAmA...
p/s : i think is angle effect, haha, my weight never go down la..SoBs..sad

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