Sunday, July 8, 2007

Dinner: 7.7.07

Another Heartiest Treat from ==== JaneShiAk ==== , my deArest Aunt. This time, we pig out at the Branch of The Hut ( same row with Tong Hing, KK town)

Rendang Beef. Full of curry + coconut milk flavour. it's nice ohh really, who ever loves rendang, take this!

Crumbbed Chicken with Dijon Custard. nice!

Went to Tong Hing buy this dumpling skin from " japan" one cost me RM7.50 ~ hahahhaa... gonna make my dumpling soOon...

This is especially dedicated to my cousin ===== KYLIE SHIAK ===== . HAhahahhaha, do u feel like HITTING me with broom ? =p~

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