Sunday, July 8, 2007

Anjappar, Asia City Complex

Finally!!! we are here in Anjappar. Let me taste the authentic cuisine from South India~ = )

Mango LaSsi : It tasted better than it looks to be sure! You just imagine you put a Straw and suck the juice from A real mango fruit! if u cant imagine, go AnjAppar!
Papadum: Crunchy + Crispy
Chicken Lollipop : THis is good! It's well-described the food. "Lollipop" ~! hold the bone, and put it in ur month! and I guarantee U would demand for more pops after eating the 1st one =p~ Fish FInger: It;s crunchy outside , but the freshness of the fish still remain in your bite.
Reshmi Kabab : I love this. The chicken is nicely grilled with some spices and guess what, the meat is tender, moist and Delicious. Prawn Tikka: Prawns marinated in yoghurt & Grilled it!
Kurma Chicken: Try this tasty chicken. It may sound normal to everyone, but it has the maximum taste from the Chef!
Oh no.. i forgot the name of this dish! AHhahah, i have to ask Renu first. =p~
Butter Chicken: GOOD!
Garlic + butter Naan: It's so Yummy even if u eat it just like that~ so can u all imagine if i eat it with the above dishes??? HAhahahhaa... and Ops!!! I forgot to take the Lamb Nasi Bryani + Egg on the left corner of this pic =p~ hahahhaha.. yerr.. it's too good to describe too.
Party Session........ Well, all our food has the elements of green chillies or red chillies ,pepper, ginger and cumin that make it so tasty!!! hey, u can always tell the Owner to adjust your food from Mild flavour to Super HOT!!!!
The proprietor always kept an eye on the floor, and was friendly with the guests, filling in when the waiter looked busy to keep the flow going. * Positive Impression *
Consultancy Division~ 5 pretties in a Row~
Little Corner of MIne....

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