Sunday, July 8, 2007

Breakfast : 7.7.07

Dad suggested to have kon lou mien at Foh Sang before sent me to work! So, here's some DroOling pictures =p~

Kon Lou Mien with "Ja-Rou"~ HAHahahah

Ho-Fan with Ja Rou + Char Siew

Obviously I found this stall has been improving by a lot! i used to eat here, but I dint like it, not until yesterday we visited again! WOW!! it's YUMmY! up to " my " standard!

A Bowl of "yu-wat" + " wan-Tan" from another stall~

Stall Location: Foh Sang, next to the fruit stall, where there's a space for ppl to play Chess / blood pressure test in the afternoon that one

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