Saturday, June 23, 2007

[ Saturday ] : [ Morning Session ]

I decide to split my weekend Blog into few sessions... so, everyone could see what i ve eaten! AHhahahahha =p yer, as usual, weekend s are my "hAppieSt" moment !
Yum Cha with my mum & sengSEng Boy! at this renovated KopiTiAm at Foh Sang! It has the HK " Char Chan TEng" feel , but still, for me, it's just another normal sh0p la.. my Teh-C :
Pork Ribs Mee! Mum says it's nice, cuz it's not too salty, and the burnt part is crispy-liCiOus.
ChAr-Siew-Wan-Tan Mee: Their Char SIew ok-ok oonly la, for me, i like those BarbeQue Honey Char Siew bah , which they're not cooking that la, but their Wan-Tan is GOOD! It's wrapped with Fresh Prawn + mince PoRk , which are so Tender & Chunky! .. Normally i dont really like wan tan, but dunno why today i ordered it, and out of my expectation, there're not those with " soft-sticky-slimey" SKIN! u get what i mean? ee... like yat pek yeahhh like that ! hahahha

After Breakfast, i go home boil my Barley lah, I love barley with lots of dried Wintermelon sticks! hehehe, and I will drink it when it's still in boiLing tempeRature...

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