Friday, June 22, 2007

Lunch Break

HHHAHAHHAHA... Lunch with 4 prettie women... ! hahaha =p we goto Renu's BillA again!
All of them have nasi Bryani.. and I love this Cup of Teh TariK!!

I feel like I M in some sort of English Cafe having a cup of English-Pulled-MIlkTea ~hAhahhaha i like the glass/ cup. I love Roses in fact =p

I m SICK ... I m having Flu... and Fever... deli.. F&F now = ( SobS SOBs...


Creamster said...

yalar ... u ate too much bah .. that's why u got sick!

Denise said...

nope, i didnt eat much worr... i actually ate Dragon Fruit + teh Tarik at BillA! hahahah i didnt eat the chicken =p

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