Sunday, June 24, 2007

[ Saturday ] : [ Lunch Session ]

I m having Spring Cleaning for my wardrobe! Shit, tons of old Clothes need to be GET RID OFF ! in order to put moRe new clothIngs~ hhahahhaha... yer, i need to Work harder to hunt a SD first! HAHahahha =p~ BlERh.

I was planning to eat Salad for LUnch, but, my DeArest Aunt :: JaneShiAk Brought us some mixed vege + pork S kin + Apples + Muffin! HAhahahha... LOTs oF Food ! OMG, How Can I resist myself from not eating leh =p
i m more into these 2 dried oyster.. hAHhahahaha =p the last bite of the oyster is still as exciting as the first one ~ hahahha, and the vege is full with nam yee flavour =) erm... nice, but a bit dried though, i prefer saucy one

Pork Skin with Stuffed meat. Wahhhhhhh.. This is MARvellous! hey I seldom use this adjective for my food one, but, this is the oNE! HAHhahaha, the skin is so , omg.. i dunno how to describe oh, hahaha, the first bite is, my eyes roll in ecstasy ! then excitedly finish off the whole piece =p~ THe skin infused with rich, soul satisfying broth.... as all the goodness of its own fat with other ingredients ends up here!!! i only ate a piece, due to extremely high choresterol FOOD! if not, herk! all box will be in my stomach oredi lu!

Another masterpiece of JaneShiAk! ahhaha .. see... she gave us so many, until i can even build a " Muffin Castle " =p

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