Sunday, June 17, 2007

Pan Mien + SoTong

Ha.. such a long time i did not eat pan mien oredi lOoo ... If compared to KL's & KK's pan mien ah, in terms of the " mee" .. i like KK's one.. cuz flat big noddle.., Kl's one is like normal mee.. like 1 cm width..which not Syok for me! hahah.. BUT, KL's pan mien soup got mince pork one with mushroom one... here only got ikan bilis + sayur + meat .. anyways.. I love Both =p

the lady is rolling out the mee from a dough..

I like more ikan bilis actually, but this shop damn ku hon one...sikit only!! i was having a bit flu before this, but after eating the HOt HOT broth!! wah.. Terus recover oredi! HAhahhaha =p

WOw.. my dad ta Pao us this Stewed Sotong.. i still remember the best sotong was the one in front of Cinema Cathay.. the small dirty old stall, a young man & old man selling one.. Wow... when i was small, dad always bring us there one, and everytime we go, have to queue up for makan! but still, we missed it... until for a while the booth has GONE!! a.. so sad... I missed the sotong.. and NOt until we found the same taste of sotong at this " central Plaza " ( in front of the plaza) .. haha!!! it has the same taste though! = p of cuz they got sell sotong tumbuk as well la ..

Anyone know how to cook this kind of sotong? I would exchange your recipe with RM 50 =p * mark my word!!!! * i m serious...

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