Saturday, June 16, 2007


Dad brought us to try out the " Philippines Crispy Pork Leg" wor.. hahaha =p it's quite nice, RM 28 nett per portion, as compare to Equatorial's RM 40++ =p.. for me, of cuz i still think the Equatorial ones taste better.. but this isnt that bad neither..

Rice......^ _ ^

Sweet Corn Soup..

Fish.. ee.. quite oily..

haha.. vege...

hah! This Special Sauce is VERY nice!! it's dark soya + rice vinegar + cut Chilies... this served with the POrk one.. when u eat the pork, put a bit of the sauce.. wahh... taste good! it's enhance ur appetite !!

While i was enjoying my pork!!! suddenly this 2 jerk sent me a MMS!!! telling me they're in fish & co again, NEvermind.... the WORSE was! they're telling me they're eating my FAVOURITE FRIES EH!! see!! see what's Creamy is holding there ! showing off somemore.. sei yeah!! but, I was wondering what is HOU HOU doing there? what is that? looks like a bone to me =p

So.. i after my dinner I went to Yogurt Berry with my mum, and quickly took a pic and REPLY BACK TO creamy via MMS too! hahahha =p her favourite YoGurt.. =p ~ BleRh~

ha .. my mum loves it wor...b4 she came , she said " I Dont eat Yogurt one, what for u bring me there? " " NO~~~ u must try this!! this is very nice, more to ice-cream" .... so when she tasted it ...she liked it ~ haha.. some peach, mango and cocktails For her bowl..

mine is...bANANA..peach and mint green~ ahhahahah... looks like SHerk~


Creamster said...

U know what, my mum said that's her registered pose (holding the bowl of yogurt). Copyrighted ahhh ... you used her pose, must pay her!

Denise said...

=p BleRh~~ BleRh !!

Anonymous said...

can i know where is the place? i would like to try out the crispy pork leg.

Denise said...

Hi, At Taman Bornion, Foh Sang..

Anonymous said...

thanks for ur info..i will give a try when i go back KK on this saturday..hehe :)

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