Sunday, June 17, 2007

Mosaic, Hyatt

I was not planning to go here, but due to attending such idiotic education fair, so just came down have a lunch ~ haha

I tot, it was the Mango ice cream that we used to have creamy~ now i know, they dont have the Mango roll i n the waffle , and dont have the Spaghetti ice-cream oredi oh.. they changed the menu.. I am sooooOo sad.. i kinda missed the moment we hang out last time creamy~~~~~ with li man, haha, three 8 poh eating ice cream while gossipings! hahah

Anyways, their Mango Ice Cream still that nicee.......

Now u see.....

NowU dont~~ hahahha

club Sandwiches!

got egg, tomatos, prickles, turkey ham, lettuce, cheese.....

Ermmmmmmmmm... happy YummY~!

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