Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Muffin Break

" BANANA CHEeSeee MUFFINS " debut at Jane's Oven~ hahahahha and I collected them last nite, we have 8 muffins, but now only left 1 in the container =p

" AH Tng, why the cake sourish one? " mum was throwing this Qn to me while she's puting second piece on her mouth!!! " OF CUZ LAH, it's CHEESE OK! " this mum of mine ah, has a typical over-sensitive taste Bud ~ =p meaning to say, she can taste the cheZy flavour in the cake lah hahaha ( Uh Jane at least uR hardworked on blending the cheeszy is not wasted! ) hahahahhahaa =p

Yeah these muffins are nice.. yuMmYLICious! i had one for supper, and had 2 for breakast, and another one in the office, OPS! i have eateN 4 all together! =p calculator PLS!! need to count my CaloRIes =p

As an appreciation, i made this cute little thingy for my Aunty.... = )

Janeshiak's muFfin, $ 5 each!

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