Friday, June 22, 2007

Fish Sh0p , KoLombong

Pig out with my collq for lunch yesterday... was led by Renu to this Chinese Kopitiam. I named it the Fish Shop. This lovely indian couple must be succumbed to the lure of FISH with the Hot broth in the mee... that's why they always came to this place ! so DO I!! i love their mee!!
FiSh Mee Hoon: They actually "cook" the soup + mee + Fish + vege using " WOK"!! that's why it is soo nice, even can taste the heat of the WOK! hahaha, in chinese we called it " Yau Wok Hey"!

Kueh-Tiaw soup. This looks rather simple , BUT! it taste yummylious according to my collQ~!! i Guess SoO! cuz both of us finished the whole bowl of SOUP! not even a single Sip left=p
FIshy FIsh! hahahhaa... in fact, if you order fish soup with "Mee "! the broth tends to look darker, and taste even better...!!! so, if you're a MEE-eater!! here's another good outlet to visit!

While we're eating, i saw some customer order fried mee lah, fried wet mee with seafood la..etc... woww..... all Looks very tempting lahhhh....hate it... i must visit this place again + again!!
* 1 bowl of mee hoon soup = RM 6.00 *

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