Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Horiz0n CaFe , Asia City

WOw.. my Dinner Treat from my Aunty Again.. heheheh... my Beloved JAneShiAk. Today we 2 became the guinea piG, to try out this cafe !

" Honey Prawn " .. it's just a deep fried Sui Gao for me, stuffed with prawn + minced meat.

Mushroom CHicken. The Cream are overflow on the piece of Grilled CHicken. HAhhaa.. erm.. yummyyy sauce~

GarliC Chicken.

Ice-Lemon Tea.

Overall, this CAfe not bad lah! something like UpperStar. Quite a nice place to hang out for chit-chatz~ Their food all served in generously portion.

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