Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Company LuNch at HyAtt

Wow, Congratulations to KASI !! 28th Anniversary. No Doubt, it's all our DeArest & BelOved Bapa's Effort for so many years.. ( A.K.A Monster Inc. Da House)! HAHhahahahha , isnt it they look alike ?=p~ cute kan~

Cam Whore...

WOw.. spread of variety from the buffet counter, ranging from Hot Items to dessert. They have 4 action stalls, pasta cook, indian toast bread , Mee Soup, PizZa PanCake Corner.
The first pic of plate was what i had. The BrocoLli were crips and crunchy! with a bit of caecar salad sauce, wwahhh.. = ) * I m smiling from ear to ear * The meat was moist and Flavorful! The Bun was so " English " Feel ~ hAHHahahh

Dessert Bar is always that fancy for me!!

I m pretty sure the choco layer Cheese Cake / Moouse ( whatever la) were tasted better than it looks to be sure!

We, in fact bring this little corner of hyatt to cheerful + Bright after our jokes + LAughs. * GIrls!!! please enroll ourself to " CityMAll's YoGa ZOne / Gym Center" wor... ~ HAHAHahhahaha..

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