Sunday, June 24, 2007

Chicken Rice!

we have chicken rice last nite! hahaha. in fact their " RICE " are yummy ~ obviously the rice are bathed with chicken broth + ginger . Too bad, all in my stomach oredi, no pic available for the rice =p

Mum hates this char siew! cuz it's Sweet in taste one..which, I love it so much, ! hahahahha, the sauce a bit sugary-syrup, in fact, not many ppl likes that , and it's really Red in colour.

Chicken. the Steamed chicken Habis oredi oh, tao yen, terpaksa order this roasted chicken.

Dad's fav braised duck. suddenly, makes me missed something! I missed Janeshiak's homemade braised Duck !! the one with soya? U think she sees this line? =p`

Thai-style fried Tofu! wow, their sauce are nice ~ it has the elements of sweet & chillies.

I m not the person that hold financial times or TIME under my arm and read everyday one, but this cover caught my attention! due to FOOD~ hahahahhahaha.

We are what we Eat, and I am what I've eaten! ahhaha, last nite paw paw asked, how many food you eat in a week ? =p so I told him, 7 days x 3 meals = 21 meals. Each meal consists at least minimum 2 items. therefore, 21 meals x 2 food = 42 FOOD ( i.e. 42 types of food) . So In a week, I eat at least a minimum of 42 items .

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