Saturday, June 16, 2007

DUCK Rice.....

Today Saturday~~ dad Ta Pao this Duck Rice for me while on the way picked me up from office... deli.. dunno what happended to the traffic! damn jam!!! so cant wait, i have my rice in the car! hahaha =p

Does the Golden Brown Skin make anyone DroOling here? =p HAhahah.. the skin is Juicy .. the meat is tender =p

After having my rice, i straight go for a short nap once i reached Home! I m tired today!! i slept until 3pm~ got up~ and have some BANANA WALNUT BUTTER CAKE from my beloved Aunty~~ JaneShiAk... hahahha... kekeke.. i ate 2~3 slices.. then i continued SLEEP AGAIN!! slept until 5pm~ ahha.. Oh dear! today really a Pig DAY~

After my shower, then i remember to take some pic of the cake! hahah, it's nice!! very moisture... soft... ahha, i should have that cake with my Coffee la! HEre's some snapshot of the leftover cake! haha.. so ngam this cake has all my fav ingredients inside!! banana la...raisin la.. walnut la.. hahaha =p

A fat Cow Sit on a C Ake ..

Anyone want to place oRder? =p

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