Sunday, June 10, 2007

Gaya Street Day + Seng Seng Boy Birthday

HAha.. lately i can get up early and follow my parents go Gaya Street. Actually my purpose is to buy dragon fruits from Fiona's Stall.. ehheheh =p Dragon Fruits for Lunch~

A Corner of the Stall..

Ngau ChAp mee hoon~

LAKSA~ DrooLing? =p

After so hot under the sun, i go ta pao Teh Tarik Ping, and this carriage is quite new & cute to me oh~ hahahahhaha =p

Afternoon we went to seng seng house for his birthday celebrations, suppose is next week one de... but his parents wanted to celebrate today wor..
We buy him a Garfield Cake ( Cocktail Fruit Cake from Southern Cake Soup)

LOok at this Notty Jerk! ahhahaha

Present Time...

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