Sunday, June 10, 2007

Equatorial Restaurant, Tanjung Aru Plaza

He~ A sort of Pre-celebration of Father's day lah ~ hahahha =p erm... overall the food is good here~! very fast service ! anyways, a must to make reservations Tel: 088-313 399 and ~~ I feel like GIGIT this IT expert William Tay before i continue blogging here..I was not informed that the Stuffed Crab rice has to be pre-ordered!!!! see... i cant eat it last nite, but it looked very tempting and special leh.. deli ~ =p


Pei-Ba Duck

Wow their signature dish - Crispy Roasted Pork Leg , hey, this is a MUST TRY DISH! i cant describe in words la, hahahhaha , so crispy, and yet the meat are still juicy tender~ Hahahah , Sial

Ginger Onion Crocodile meat...

A 2-Colour Prawn & left over steamed lo pak with scallop.. (Ops forgot to take that Dish ) The Head of the prawn was cooked with some sort of sweet & sour & light chilli paste...very nice! it's not HOT one lah.. and the body of the prawn is covered with Mayonaise.. I M NOT a mayonaise fanz, but this is nice~

A complimentary dessert.. i dunno what is it.. hahaha..

Nah.. our Mango Pudding!! with evaporated milk~

HEY!!!! Sisters!!! B.L.U.S.H is having Sales!!! hahahahha... I get this piece at 70% off~ wow!! hahahha... i pick this sporty cum with lacey + bit of polka Dots~ hahaha, I like this, bcuz the cup has the bikini feel.. HAah.. Only someone can see this in ReAL =p ~ BlerH~

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