Sunday, June 10, 2007

Equatorial Restaurant, Tanjung Aru Plaza - Part II

my 2nd Nite at the same restaurant. want to Bok Membership card bah, hahhahaha =p
It was my Uncle's Treat bah, seng seng's daddy~ ahhaha =p
Nah, here's the corner of the place, wow.. i m very tempted to the wall's FOOD La~ hahha


Fried STuffed Roll : This is interesting! it rolls with crabstick+mayo+mango ~

DUnno what CHICKEN o.. but very appertizing~~ it's a sweet & sour Thai sauce with Jelly Fish Mix with shredded chicken.. nice oh...

Mixed Vege with seafood

"Ging Dou Pai Kuat" (Pork Ribs)

Steamed Fish with Soya sauce

Another Different Version of 2-flavour Prawn! THis time ..the body of the prawn is Deep Fried.. and The head prawn mix with the so called chili sweet paste... arGh.. dunno how to describe..

I THINK! next week when i go Promenade Sales Office, everyone would say, Wow... you're so Happy at Kasi Malaysia ahh ? Getting " rounder & Rounder " than before =p

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