Thursday, June 28, 2007


Some food from Sarawak . It's all heartiest from Kylie's Daddy. HAahahha.. Let me introduce one by one. Mini sesame bun. It's empty inside. U can spread some Fruit Jam / peanutButter or even eat like that. The second one looks a bit like " Mini Bagel" to me. And stuffed with Minced Meat! IT's Very nice!!! The bread a bit chewy and taste good! The LAst is the TouSa Peng. This is a bit different. Because the TouSa inside still " moist " one!!! soft & full of beans smell.. hAHhahaha... Why I said the tousa is still soft & moist, this is bcuz those TauSa peng at KK one ah, SHIT! overbaked one.. so dry!

I had Lunch at Billa again! I was too fascinated with this ROTI COBRA. So here it goes.. hahahah, it's actually a roti kosong, some beef rendang.. and lots of dahl gravy + curry , and an Egg On Top! AHhahah.. it was great and quite substantial. my 1st bite is... WAH! GOOD! Very GOOD! no Regrets!

Roti Sardine... crispy + very Chunky. GOOD!

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