Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Fish & & Co. + Yogurt BeRRy.........

Today after work, i went back to Promenade Hotel! to see all my beloved Ex- CollQ and Bosses... Wow..... I missed them.. very very much * _ ~ , After that! Here I come Warisan SQUare!!!! ahahahha.. =p

our 1st station is " FISH & CO." a never regret outlet to visit man!

1. Masala Pizza... Tiger Prawn, Onion, Mozarella Cheese.... Hey, their pizza are unique!! they used pastry skin as their base!! WOW! I never tot of using that b4 ! this is very nice ! criz-py , melted warm cheese + fresh & Tender prawn.... ha.....

From this pic, u all can get what i meant by " CRIZ-py ' ~

2. Seafood PlattAte : Consists of fries, fried dory fish, prawns, colonel rice, squid.

HAhahaha, close up of my Prawny Prawn! my first bite was, WOW! So nice, it has the Grilled flavour.. all around my mouth =p ,

hey man, if you're a Fries Lover! HA! THIS IS THE ONE! THIS IS THE BEST FRIES that gives u Satisfaction Guarantee . Pls.... try their fries... it's sooooo much different from the others...

OK... NEXT STATION : Yogurt Berry

A very lovely sweet place... : ) give me an impression of " Summer LOve" hahahhahahha... sial

HA! I like their Toppings Selection. these are the fruits/ tit bits that you select to put on your yogurt cream.

Hey yo! the below is a FAKE one ah! hahahha looks real huh

Nah, some of the samples.....

Cann you all see our happy faces ? hahahahhahaha =p probably have to go on diet for a week to recover lo.... muAHhahahha...

In fact, i have a cutest pic of liangmama holding her bowl of yogurt la... but, If you want to see, PAY ME! i SHOW U ! = p

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