Friday, June 15, 2007

BIg BANAna...

hehee... went to KingfiSher for lunch the other dAy .. these are what we had..
hand-made mee ( Fried Wet mee)

Mee Soup.. see the big won ton ?

Ah.. this is the shop~ hahaha, Pls! dont get it wrong, the shop is not full of sm0ke~ it was my camera ! i dunno what's wrong with my camera, it got so cold!! the lenz became so "Misty" !!! that dims the vision~ The camera own's visioN~~ and that''s how my picture becomes so BLUR now! hahahah deli.. lousy camera ~ OH my camera got so cold was bcuz i left it in the office, and the office 's air con was just ' freezing" man

After LUnch, i beli this huge bunch of bananA~ hahaha.. see the Comparison of my finger and the banana? hahahah, i shared it with my CollQ~ they're all were like never had banana in life b4~ hahahaha, so LOved into it~~ =p so do I~ i mean FRESH banana =p

see.... the keyboard get hurts... hahahahaha... i was too good on it! i see it's so dirty inside the keypad lah... so i vacumm it with a Vacumm Cleaner! and the " SHIFT " button gotta sucked in by the machine and I got so panic, I opened the vacumm cleaner to gorek IT from the trash!! yucks..~~ in the end, i called WILLIAM to rescue it~ Hahhaha, i dunno, he just clipped on it and it's done~

Hai.. today mum cooked ABC SOUP, and a FIsh that I not so into it, and vege. The Soup was so Watery , the way she made, so i felt i need to cook something for myself tonite... instead, i use some of the broth, mix with CHinese Rice Wine ( Wong Jiu).. and 3 big PRawns from my beloved AuntY ( we was given 1 Kg of Fresh Prawns, and only until today i got chance to eat )~ hahahha .. i cooked " Wong Jiu Mee Hoon "

Freshy White meat...

See.. i m too busy with taking photos, until the broth was DRIED UP!!! did you all notice first pic & last pic of my mee soup? water is drrrrrrrrying up... Sobs SobS~ anyways! I still enjoying my meal~ =p

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