Thursday, June 7, 2007


Yu HOO! ANother Day in the office, nothing much, Hey, I got this Almond CHoco BALL! WOw.... as long as any chocolate with almond, I will be Melted instantly !! especially CalBury's Roasted Almond! WAhhh....= ) But TOday I got myself Meiji Brand! hey, it's VERY Nice


NOW YU DONT! =p blERh~~~

Today I m mentally tired... I Felt baD i treated HIM in a way, I Sent a SMS, I feel better now after his CHeering uP!= p
I M HOME! I M HOME with my mum's Best COoking!
WOW!!! WOW!!! WOOW!!! She cooks my Favourite " ASam Thai Fish" ... It's the sauce I Felt in luve.. hahahah... it's a simple paste mum got it from her 'contact'.. ahha, put some garlic, sprinkle some sugar... hehehe... The FIsh SaFe My Day! HAhaha =p immediately My mood Changed.. hahahha.. normally if i say that, creamy would say " hai mai wai sek MAo!" HAhahha =p

HEY! Annoucement here all dear! i need a "handsome" digital ZoOm Len CAmera la... COULD anyone buy me one??? I really need to get this gadget LA!! Can I Tell MY SD ? or my FB? hai.. SIGH ....

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