Friday, June 8, 2007

The Billa , LIkas

Hai~ Now I Felt so regret + guilty after having a heavy Lunch with my ColLQ , REnU at THe BILLA~ =p i love this place, U can find good food and Cheap food =p

Fried Chicken, hey, their home-made recipies are so much nicer than KFC o.. hahaha =p THe skin are flavoured with all the spices, and it's crispy~~ Wow...

ROTI CANAI ~ Flying Bread : This is a cute version of roti!! 2 mini round roti~ This Roti is flat, fluffy on the inside BUT! crispy and flaky on the outside!!!

Can u all see the Flakes.... ? hHAhhahahahha = p

and it serves with Chicken KurmA... i like the sauce! =p

I choose my favourite ' breast meat' =p creamy would cry if she's having the breast +p

Hey~ I also love their Nasi Bryani, and Mee mamak~ hahaha =p

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