Wednesday, June 6, 2007

This BloG is specially Dedicated to my Beloved KARen..

Was chatting with my Aunty(JaneShiAk) the other day about her YUmmyliciious Pork Leg! =p and also was telling her there' 3 dishes i cant resist myself of having big bowl of rice when my mum cooks them! hahah there are (a) Wong Jui Chicken (2) Pork Leg (3) Mui CHoi Pork ( The following ones! )

my Favourite MUK CHOI JU YUK! hahahaha.. SOOOo SOooOO HOU SEK! =p

LOtus Seed SOup with Pork Rib + Peanuts

THere's this Mui CHoi TIn FIsh.. WOW also my favourite =p anything to do with preserved vege, I would Love it=p

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