Sunday, June 24, 2007

[ Saturday ] : [ Dinner Session ]

Dad got hooked with this Banner! " Curry Fish Head in Aluminium Foil " ~ so we give a try la at Foh Sang also..

Pork Chop: The taste is ok, but the texture a bit hard lah, mum says they used the wrong part of boar wor! hahahah a=p

We choose " fish body" rather fish head. U can pick from Fish Head to fish fillet, any choices u want lah...
The Fish is Fresh, the sauce has an very Indian-taste, kinda hot! !! but the vege, I guess over-cooked lah, too soggy.. and the lady-fingers actually turns puce already...
well.. this curry fish has a nice taste, but may be we need something that pops! that makes you think, Ahh... this is the one... WHICH, i cant get it from it lah..= )

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