Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Secret Recipie Night

A guy that I probably would bang him twice to the wall! if he still alives, would pierce him with any razor-sharp blade!!! herk! " zhui zhang yan tak jui bun xiu jie de lah!!! " Ying jan mei sei Goh!!! "
ANyways, hang out at cake house with dearest Creamy , HOU HOU , wah kon's Mum & this numbnut !

Banana CHocolate cake... WOw... somehow, i still love it, though the quality not as goood as in KL one.. but! this numbnut complaining it's very weird wor.. WT!!! really NO TASTE one!! probably his taste bud got problem!

Choco Chesey !! erm... the texture a bit hard... i dont really LIke this, but I ORDERED this! hahhahahahha

Carrot Cake with CHeese on TOp " WOW ! It's NICE!! some sherreded carrot, raisin, a bit of walnut.. and the cake is served in warm... wahhh... i think I want to eat this again for my next visit! HAhahha.. OR!! WHEN MY BIRTHDAY COMES, PLS ORDER THIS FOR ME! hahahhah =p

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