Thursday, May 31, 2007

D-Junction Cafe Lounge, Penampang

Hehehe, explore ourself to this new D-junction , I like the environment! a good Place for drinking instead! hahahha = p The food are okay, services are Okay, prices are okay lah, basically 7 out of 10 la~ hahaha.. dont ask me where the 3 has gone to! hahahah =p

Some snapshots of the place. CREAMY!! u see ur dad!! HAHAHAHAHHAHA

THere's a stage band behind this Cone shape bar! haha , they played JAZZ.. nice!

I love the lighting of the bar! it changes every seconds into colourful beam. got Yellow la, green la, red la, blue la, etc... hahaha

Grilled Chicken with blackpepper Mushroom. see the Tea Cup behind! it's very cute.

Fisherman cAtch!!

Herbal Chicken served with rice.

LambChop with Mint Sauce.

NGAU CHAP : hahahha I went to Papar this morning~ had my meat ball ngau chap soup! Yuuuummy~

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