Wednesday, May 23, 2007

NEW pArtner in CRime

I used to have one partners in crime when was in Hotel, whom is DAYANG Fadzuraida bin Kasim GemUk! hahahahhaha .. now i have a new one!!! she's just sitting next to me.. MS. ReNu J0SepH... ahahahah =p
Her hubby sent her this Mee MAMAk, and she shared the mee with us! we're having our own pARty in the office at 9:45 AM!! while the StOOpid capt is busy with his own proposal in his office.. HAHahhahaha =p the FrAngant SmeLL are all over the room.. hehehhehe..
Hey, It's VERY SEDAP la... serious..

FOOD that make me DROOoL ...

Mee On mY TAble ^_^

these few days ah, i keep seeing this Louis ( A Travel Agent Boy that I known 3 yrs back when i was in Hotel) , hAHha, i hate, until he said why i always see u, hahahhah =p 1st I met him in Lido Poultry Market!!! I seldom see GUy accompany sister buy CHicken in stall one la! hahaha, and i never expect can meet this very - samSeng - type guy! hahahah ... and Last nite, at REN AI, he's sitting nexxt to me, I just Stick out my TOngue =p

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