Thursday, May 24, 2007

LUnch TrEAt ....

Hah t ! we went to this Usagi Japanese Restaurant at Karamunsing in the afternoon for LUnch! Here's some of the snapshot from the Shop. Quite a Cozy place, good for gathering lah. THe 1st jap rest in KayKay that have LCD monitor for ordering. However, it didnt turn on when we were there..may be not much customer Quah... or the system is not installed yet! HAHahha..whatever!

Cheesy THing!

Note: HAhaha! FOR YOU ALL INFO, we did not eat this Mini CrAbby! We took from the Tray, Took A Pic and PUt it back! HAhahahhahahha

Egg Skin roll with Rice & Prawn

Terayakki Chicken in a Box.

Terayakki CHicken Set


UDONG mee with Tempura Prawn!

Know what, after so many shots, finally the Manager came and says " SOrry No photo taking here, our recipies are secret! =p hhahahhaha So, we left out one meal of my COllQ that We did not manage to take, but nvm~ hahahah we are still happy with the Above! =p

After A Scrumptious meal... me & CiLLA get ourself a scOOp of VEDABLU !! hahahhaha

Anyways, BIG Thank you to our IT EXPERT , WIlliam TaY!

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