Tuesday, May 22, 2007


Kelupis is a traditional food made from glutinous rice. First, the glutinous rice is half cooked with coconut milk. Then some salt is added for taste before the rice is strained and placed in a tray. Then, the 'daun nyirik' is used to warp the kelupis, while the 'lamba' / 'toothpick' is used to bind the packet together.

HAH! my collQ she brought these and share with us. It goes well with this satay sauce.. the peanut gravy really nice lah!!!! not to hot, and yet so thick, a bit of curry, a bit of coconut milk. HAhhaha..
So i haven eaten 3 Kelupis, 1 Apple , 1 Banana as my LUnch! HAhahha...

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