Sunday, May 27, 2007

Nam Yee Baked Chicken Wing *_*

My First Hand “ Nam Yee Baked Chicken Wing”

The first time I had nam yee chicken was at my grandparents hse…. My ma-ma used to deep fried the chicken and cut into pieces.

Well, I kinda lazy to deep fried it, very oily, more works, waste oil!!! .. e.. so I choose to Bake instead!

I don’t intend to cook today!, but after my laundry in the morning, I felt bored, I DON’T FEEL LIKE Read the “ Marine Risk Assessment” papers.. so darn bored! Hahahahha… Though I told my dearest capt I M very interested in it! HAHAhahhah = p BleRh~! Come-on… NO WORK ON SUNDAY!!! I remember mum told me we still have a pAck of wings in the fridge! HA- hA!!

As usual, clean the wings, cut into half, trim the fat as much as possible.. and whenever I do marinating on WINGS! I like to use my small knife, deep-in through the flesh, and cut in between the bone! So when I soak them in sauce, I will finger the wing as well.. give more flavour inside the wing , rather than just the outta layer of skin!! Same goes to BBQ~ I don’t like ppl use FORK and stab on it to make as many holes as possible! Ee!! I find this way of marinating is VERY STUPID!! It didn’t work at all! And not only that, it actually destroy the smooth layer of the SKIN!!!

OK back to my wings.. ahhahaha..

Mix the Nam Yee (Fermented BeanCurb) with Sugar, Light Soya Sauce & Rice Wine. Nam Yee itself has a bit of bitter taste, so use sugar to neutralize a bit… and Nam yee itself is not that ‘tasty or salty”.. so use a bit light soya sauce to enhance the taste of nam yee~… Rice Wine goes well with nam yee, so the wing will be more fragrant!!

Marinating process ....

Baking Room...

I marinated for like 2 ~ 3 hours in the fridge, then Bake in 190°C ~ 200°C .. for..err… Actually I dunno how long oh.. hahahha.. just adjust sendiri lah!! Hahaha.. =p The pungent smelt of nam yee is Flowing out from my kitchen!!! Hehehe… guess what, after baked, my 2 little sis actually FINISHED all my wings ! an hour before the Dinner! = p

Speak of nam yee chicken, I missed Promenade’s Nam yee Lamb!!!! WOW!! They used to serve for Hi-Tea .. I missed a lot a lot a lot oooooOo… ( hint Hint Creamy TAN)

Orange + Raisin : Raisin is particularly high in IRON! Iron is essential for the creation of hemoglobin in red blood cells, which the body uses to transport oxygen. Women who are menstruating or pregnant often need extra amounts of the mineral.

The iron in raisins is a type called nonheme iron, which is harder for the body to absorb than the iron found in meats. However, eating foods high in Vitamin C along with raisins will improve the absorption of nonheme iron. ! That’s why!! I m having period now…so I eat this la! Hahahaha

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