Sunday, May 27, 2007

Kam Fah Restaurant , Millennium Branch

Yu Hoo! just Back from Dinner! hahaha , we try out this new place, named Kam Fah at Kepayan, Taman MIllennium! I think most of the ppl know about this kopitiam style restaurant! bbut, it was the 1st time my family go there!! ehhehe..

Steamed CHicken with Ham! OMG.. the chicken is cover by the Pak ChoI! !!

Steamed Tofu with Seaf00d! I like this ! creamy I m sure u like this.. it's actually jap tofu, cut into cube, then steam together with egg one.. and some shredded seafood... ahha.. it's Soo Soft ! Soft like SIlk!! =p

Yam Pork! (Kiu-yuk) PAW PAW!!! do U MIssed THIS?? TELL mE TeLL Me!!!! i want to see ur Green Envy Eyes.. HAHAHhaha =p

My New HairClips !!! hAhhaha.. initially i only had this purple butterfly, which i bought it from AsiaCity Mall .. and saturday went there for lunch, and soon bien gai gai la... this Hair Accesory Shop is on 50% SALE!!! so.. a butterfly clip RM 9.90.. now is like RM 4.xx .. HAHahha... =p
i m too excited until i grab 4 clips =p

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Creamster said...

Yea .. the Toufu looks very yummy. You really know my taste liao ... hou ji mui!

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