Friday, May 25, 2007

PARTY in the OFFICe = p

AHah.. we have a "pot-luck" cum celebrating our GM's birthday in the office! FIrst time I joined this monthly potluck event, and it came out quite FUN!!!

There are A lot of Food ! Here's the 4 that I makan.. haha...MOmmy's Flavia Homemade Fried CHicken! WOW! THuMBs uP! taste like KFC .. AGatha's Fried Mee...WOw... very nice!! eventhough it's served cold , CilLA's Sausage.. haha.. It's BEST walaupun without ketchup or chillies sauce =p and.. last but not least,,, the macaroni salad.. by ?? who ar! I dunno O! haha =p

Hey! This DURIAN Cake is really NICE.. so ' meaty' inside! hahaha.. I like o...

Part of the KASI Team! hahahhahaha... i dunno where the rest has gone!

HAha... my Satisfied faces with PrinCess ciA

After A Lunch, I decided to taKe a "TOUR" at Likas Merdeka Supermarket. My intention is to buy some Pear only, BUT!! ended up i' m home with some g00dies in the bAg! hahahhaha...SIAL!

2 PEArs: EAt WIth SKin, Make me Feel Better every Early in the MORning =p

SKIPPY Peanut BUtter!!! My Ultimate FAV!!! I always spread a layer of THick CRUNCH P.B. , and put a " Sunny-Side-Up" on top of it! WOW... the butter is melting everywhere... What's the saying again... A moment on your lips a lifetime on your hips! =p

This Package of Sauce mix caught my attention!!! I never learnt my White sauce well...I m just.. LAZY to practice.. i m poor on it.. so, I got this package! it makes my Life Much eaSier... id unno yet.. whether it tastes good, by somehow, I will coook it this weekend with my PastA!

Here's the Ingredients..

HA! this what's I want to SHow Creamy, my Lemon Cream Puff Biscuit at my office ! HHAHHAhaa... ; p I have a habit of eating cream biscuit! I like to split it half, eat the Plain side first, then enjoy my Creamy Cream the Last! HhAHaha! ...(Note: creamy, suddenly i think of barbarian & Mark!! last time when i got this peanut butter biscuit, i open it, I give the KOSONG one to Barbarian! and give the one with CREAM to MARK! hahahaha...Jason was soOOo speeChless! .. and I continue to take another biscuit, Again I open it, the cream one in my hand, the kosong one I give it to JL! he was like...FINE! ) HAHahhaha

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