Friday, June 1, 2007

TU LOONG , Warisan Sq

HA~ I have a lunch treat from my COllQ Susie.. ehhehe =p
We went to this Tu Loong, been opened for a while, but this was the 1st time i been there la. WEll, frankly speaking, very expensive lah..... hai.. I think i need to bring my SD go there lo! hahahha =

Signature Dish: Xiu LoOng PAo ! Hah this is NICE!!! RM 8 , 4 biji.. serious, this is NICE! hahahahhaha =p .. very Juicy inside, and yet delicious .. skin not so thick, just nice..

See the " soup " inside the PAO! HAHahhahah =p it serves well with Ginger vinegar~

Fried Ra Men.... with BrinjAl + Minced Pork~ quite nice, a bit sweet & spicy like that.. hahah

Fried rice with perserved vegetable (Suet Choi) + Prawn! deli! in their menu, the prawn are BIG and in whole size! dunno why when it's come, the prawn are in cubes oredi! deli.. I m cheated

After that, we went to Fish & Co. to have this HOT CHOCO FUDGE! wow... melt in my Mouth.. hahahah =p

and we got these mints in compliments... hehehe =p

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Creamster said...

Yahh ... you forgot what Jason told me? He said I work in MARCOM should know this very well. Photo usually is the vision effect, only for your viewing pleasure. Never have high hope on what actually serve on the table.

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