Monday, April 30, 2007

my makanan...

Last Saturday, i asked my dad to drop me at Foh Sang to Ta Pao ' Chu Cheong Fuun' (Hakka)! ahahahahha... and here it goes.. hah!! i m sure karen gonna missed this.. u see the minced pork, isnt it a bit like ur ' lao su fuun' at Brunei? hahhahahaha =p

Nah.. mum bought 3 mini ' Hong Char Goh' from Gaya Street, too bad, mum says it's only for little sis!!!! .. i wanted to put up ' you-ja-Gui' to Show to karen!! but, when i go to LIDO, i ended up eat prawn mee instead of you ja gui! hahahahah .. next week la..

Tomolo and 2nd May are National Public Holidays! .. too bad... i still have to work from home or office (not yet announce by my stupid Capt).. to finish off the 'fraud' proposals... dammit!!!!

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