Thursday, April 26, 2007

Busy.. BUsy ... Busy...

I AM BUSY! everyday doing the report, and carry a bulky bag home and continue at night.. hate it...
anyways I took some pic of what i've taken for my Breakfast in the past 2 days.

TunaMayo + Bread from MultiBake

2-Colour MalAy Fried Rice + ToFu. I need to talk a bit on this rice. I like these rice very much. THe orange colour one is a bit hot, with salted fish and Chilies. The white colour one is fried rice with ikan-bilis! it's SooOoooo nice to eat when it still serve in hot! ahhaha

Yesterday my capt asked " Are you mentally stressed" ! WT! hahahaha.. " Nope, It's Fun " i replied in a speechless way =p Well, nite time if i get bored with my report, I will munch on this Lovely Cute Cookie!! it's a Gummy STrawberry jam in between! see the cookie is printed with "heArt shApe"! cute hoh! hahahaha ... ARgh, i m not in love yet =p

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