Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Mung Bean + Sesame Fried BAll

YEAH! finally, i finished my proposals... deli.. i am sooo.. tao yenn.. radar scanner, radar transceiver, radar data processor, sensor server, AIS base station etc etc etc .. OMG.~~ all the technical things.... so er xin..

Anyways, one of my office colleague says " denise! what happened to ur eyes, like panda bear! OMG! ahhahahaha.. am I really that tiring? and my best reason to give her is " OH, yeah i m tired and at the same time i m having menses" .. so that night! i go to foh sang 'REn Ai" tao pao my express 'bu' drink for my body, so that i wont look so tired~.. that is red bean soup! ahhaha, i found that Ren Ai has their best red bean soup, being so thick! and just nice.. while i m waiting for the ah mou ta pao for me, i saw this ' MUNG BEAN kuih"!! TERus I Think of karen!! In the morning I chatted with karen, telling her I will shoot the photo of the kuih, and even the 'isi' of the kuih inside!! to make her jelex! because, that's one of her favourite kuih! ahhaha.. here it goes.... Karen must be HATE me for doing this, but .. I m just like that! HAHahahahha

karen u see!! the chop of the turtle cover oH! ahhHAHAhahahahaha

Nah, the fillings of the kuih.. mung bean! AHhahaha.. deli, when I eat it, i hate it so much! i just dont like to eat mung bean kuih, i prefer kacang one.. so after i bought this kuih, i had a bite, and i throw it! i dont like to eat it.. but I just BUY it for the sake of karen, i want to see her green envy eyes.. HAhahaha =p

Nah! this is my favourite!!! " You Chi" !!! hahaha or, sandakan ppl named it " Jin-Dui"~ ahhaha, it has 3 favours... carrots, kacang, or Tao Sa... but I prefer kacang! heheheheh

Okay, time for me to have AfternOon NAp now..bye!

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