Tuesday, April 10, 2007

LeARn fROm the PAst

As usual, when i m bored, I will start chatting wiht my ex-colle , and start to make a guess on " What's Barbarian Wearing today ? " AND! For U ALL Information, today is the 3rd time i made the guess... and everytime I will 100% get the wright answer WITHOUT second guess! AHahhahahahhaa..sounds ironic huh! hahahahah he has only 4 colours of shits which I have seen so far, MAroon (Red), BLue, White Stripy, & Black! ( He will only wear black during sales Blitz) hahaha.. which I dont understand why, hahahah.. Usually when i make a guess, i would s tart to think, is he in good or bad mood, is he in a lazy mood etc..cuz if he's in bad mood, he would normally wear blue! hahaha.. i dunno is just an coincident or what.. and w hen he's in Extreme good mood, and if he's RAJIN enuff, he will wear the white!!! hahaha, cuz the white needs more time to iron it crispy! hahaha

Only Until Yesterday, I just found out, i m been dating with a serious Jerk! I felt like an idiot out of sudden.. my mind was blank for a second when I knew all the truth.. I m been chEAting for like alMost half a year.. I wont feel like Shooting him to deAth, or YELLING at him, instead, Let me say something here.. which I found out from the past times.. "HIs Sexual DIfficulties were such an Embarrassment TO him, that he made it a practice to keep a Girl on his arm at Every Opportunity " I feel so wanted to elaborate more here, but, wait until I have the chance to make it an announcement in front of public : )

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