Tuesday, April 10, 2007


HAha..Last nite before I slept, I get ready my camera.. and i said tomolo morning i must take a pic of my breakfast and show to KARENN! ahhahaha...

THis is what I normally eat, my Mee with Terung Sambal ( I Ta Pao from the Ground Floor of my Office Building) ~ hahahah, which everytime I will chat with Karen while i m having my mee..hehehhehe... and i always make karen jelex about that by saying..U can never get these kind of food from melbourne! hhahah...it's KIN-JI-Mee !!! ahhaha..but then she says She will make her own " Terung Ham" ! hhahahhaha Please read the "HAM" in Hakka! hahahahahha =p

In fact I like the terung very much.. erm.. and it's only RM 1.50 with the mee & terung..

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Creamster said...

Instead of making Karen jelex, you're actually 'seducing' me with your food out there. You know I'm on my diet plan now rite? eeeeeeeeeee ....... so bad you! And now ... I really feel like eating that, it's been a longgg time I didn't eat "Kin ji mee with terung"


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