Sunday, April 8, 2007

LAZy SunDAy...

A Very Hot Sunday ! Now I know why ppl named it SUNDAY !!! a real SUNny day + SweaTing Day!! Suppose to do some Editing works.. However, felt so lazy... instead, i cleaned my bedroom.. and changed my bedsheet! hahaha.. here it goes, My LIttle NUGGET (The name of this little ChickeN) .. He is Lying on my Quilt + Bed

ANd I continued to do my LAundry.. and have a Shower.. and i made myself some salAd! hahaha..

(Ingredients : Cos Lettuce.. Boiled Egg.. Cucumber...Coleslaw Cream)

Well.. I m not on DIEt, I m just lazy to cook for others..anyways, I 'll Have my AFternoon TeA at LIdo sooN! hahahah..

Extra Column:

my Little SenG Seng.. He is sMArt, NAuGhtY, EViL..

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Creamster said...

Your NUGGET very ugly. Look exactly like YOU! lolz

ThE st0ry beHinD the ShELL

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