Tuesday, April 3, 2007

BRooChEs. ..

+ My One and Only Box ..solely for my Baby Brooches....

HEre iT goes.. I have Two Collections... very precious items.. 1st : BROOCHES...from ALL Over the World.. hahahaha... and 2nd.. I keep this as a Secret * wait until I post it up here! HAhaha..


Key King - The Most Expensive Item Among All of them hehhehe.. I got it from Ebay. And, I need to Thank you my deArest KAren Ng...hehehhee...for paying this Item as my Birthday GiFt Last Year 2006~ HAhahaha..... In fact, I love this AntiQue Key A lot Alot... but all my frens Hate that..ahhahahahah

Key Queen - From Ebay As well, this is relatively Cheap, only at 0.99 Pound~!!!!


Creamster said...
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Creamster said...

I never realised u have so many brooches. Cool collection ... I think I'm affected by you lar ... my brooches are getting more & more nowadays. Sooner one day, I can blog about it like you ... ^_^

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