Saturday, April 21, 2007

This Afternoon, had a date with 2 Promenade Monsters, namely Creamy Tan + BiGsTomAch Li MAn.. at Lintas " Wan Zhai" HK food Restaurant. I think I have ordered the Wrrong Food! I learnt my lesson, not to order "Western Pasta " at a HK restaurant! AHhahah.. my pasta very lousy leh.. not so nice, but i still finished it la sigh..

BigSTomAch Food: Baked Chicken Chop CHeeSey Rice..

Lime with Soda ( creamy i cant upload ur milky .. due to very Blur frm my lousy camera!)

Creamy's Food: Chicken Chop with "CartoOn mee" i See she finished it, even a single tip of Soup, so I assumed it's very YuMmy!!

Dad is outstation to Labuan, Mum out for dinner.. so left me & 2 sisters at home. Mum wanted me to cook dinner for them, well, being so lazy, i cooked pasta la.. faster..

Onion, Mushroom, TOmAto

Chicken ChickeN Chicken! sliced the Breast MeAt

my secret recipes

Before BATH with Sauces..

Red Sauce!

DAng DAng DAANng.. my DInner for TOnight!

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