Friday, December 23, 2011

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year 2012 ~!

Cake 3
Merry Christmas people ! I started to collect BUY! ten cent coins from my colleague since last month in order to "construct" my metal tree. my metal tree for my si botak. So this is a RM 50 metal tree.

cake 2
I am pretty sure this is a solid & strong metal tree. Every single coin is glued with "UHU-GUM"!
Cake 4

Cake 1
"HA!" Just to show you this was my birthday cake on 5th December! hehe, " Chicky-Egg" birthday! I bought a lot of cooking books these months, and shame to say I dint practice any of them! What am I doing with those books then ? HA! as my bedtime readings loh... :)


Raycillient said...

Happy birthday AGAIN chicky egg :) anyways hope you had a good one :)

on a different subject, the other day when i was flying off to KL frm KK i sqz your friend err..i dont know her name but she got q baby boy and she is your best friend i think she said and and and Maeva was playing with her hubby and son and her too smilling and all hehehe..and funny thing is i forgot to ask her name but i told her i know her from you hahahah you know which one is she? :)

Denise ^ ChickyEGG said...

Hey! Merry Christmas my darlings! I am so happy that you are still my 'reader"! LOL!!!!!
YA! my fren told me about the plane story! I can imagine how baby Maeva candy smile attracts ppl! LOL
her name is Creamy (Sylvia) .. hehehe HOW SHAMEFUL you asked ppl" are you chickyegg" friend!! LOL!!!!! :D
anyway, love you! muAh!

Raycillient said...

hahaha ya shameful but worth it! means i have sharp edge knife kinda brain I REEMBER WELL!! The funny thing is i said do you know "chicky egg" and not do you know Denise hahahahah!! so mucj for harp edge knife kinda brain your real name pun tia ingat hahahahaha!! :)) Maeva said Merry Christmas back at ya ! :))

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