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Rice with fried chicken and chicken A La King sauce

I want to purchase a book shelf to put away all my recipe books that I collected. Each time I read a recipe, dog-ear that page, telling myself to cook- to cook ! after a week, I book-mark another page, reminding myself to cook- to cook, by end of the month, I have lots of 'to-be-cook_ed' soon recipe piling up!

so this chicken-a-la-king recipe adopted from Terri's was one of my last year 'wanted-to-cook' lists! and on very last minute, I twisted a bit, I made fried chicken instead , and served with a-la-king sauce.

Preparation - Chicken
1 whole chicken breast meat. ( can make 4 portion)
cut the meat of each side into half ( cut from middle , horizontally) so this is easier to fried and cooked faster before the meat goes dry n hard.
marinate with salt n pepper. ( I used the brand shown as follow, very good! taste like KFC after all)
4 Tablespoon corn flour
1 egg
Preparation - Sauce - Chicken A La King Recipe (adopted from Terri's)
1 green bell pepper , diced
1 carrot, diced
few button mushrooms, sliced
half medium brown onion, diced
3 Tablespoon plain flour
2 Tablespoon butter
2 Tablespoon cooking oil
2 cups chicken soup ( In case you don't have time or can't find one, use half cube of maggie stock, stir in 2 cups of hot plain water, it works!)
1 can Nestle reduced cream ( I used 1/2 cup of whipping cream only)
1 Tablespoon Sherry ( Aiks! when I type this recipe, then I realise i forgot about this!!! but, anyway, still taste good)
salt & pepper to taste

1. Prepare the chicken breast. Cut the meat into half horizontally. so you will have 4 pieces. Slightly use the back of your knife to chop the meat, but not really cut on it. then marinate with salt & pepper, cover and put into fridge for at least 1 hour. and Take out the chicken 1/2 hour from fridge before fried. so it is in room temperate, easy to fried.

2. Prepare the vege, cut all vege into cubes.
3. Heat up the pan with oil for frying .
4.Crack 1 egg in a separate bowl, whisk it. Slowly dip the meat into the egg, and pad with corn flour. and put in pan for frying. Take about 1 min to until slightly golden brown. Dont fry to long, otherwise all the juice in the chicken breast will gone dry and the meat will be very dry n hard to chew!
5. Off fire, put the chicken on kitchen paper . Slice it when it is not so hot.

Now cook the sauce
1. Heat up a pot, add 1 T oil and fry the onions, not until brown! otherwise taste bitter. then Add in carrots and mushroom and 1 cup chicken soup, let it simmer, until the carrots half tender. When is ready, stir in green pepper. then off fire.
2. On a separate pot/pan, heat up the butter and 1 T oil, melt over low fire and add the flour and stir quickly!, after 30 seconds, then slowly whisk in 1 Cup of chicken soup and cream, keep stirring until combine, prevent lumps. IF you see big lumps, dont worrie, just Off the fire, use the whisk keep stirring until creamy. Then on fire again, add in the 1st pot of veges. Taste and season with salt & black pepper if necessary, then add the sherry, off fire.
3. Put the cream on chicken and serve with rice or noodle or bread.

This is the pepper I used to marinate my chicken! it is full with flavour! so after fried, both me n sis have the same thought, taste like kfc!

Vegetables in cube.

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