Saturday, May 8, 2010

Free Ringtone for Iphone (Custom-made)

I had some frustrations over how to create own ringtone from my favourite songs , without any paid ringtone maker! The following only apply for Window users, any MP3, songs from CD, as long as not songs purchased from Itunes.

Step 1: Open your ITune , music library, select the song u like to convert. Before proceed to Step 2, play the songs, mark down the starting & ending point of the song u like ( limit to 40seconds only)

Step 2: Right click the selected song, goto Option tab, change the " start time" and " Stop time". Clock OK.

Step 3: Right click the same song again, select "convert AAC versions".

Step 4: After that, you will see a same title's song of AAC version is right below the original song. How to differentiate? Just see one with shorter playtime. that's the one.

Step 5: If you find it hard to differentiate, point your mouse to the Title Bar, right click, select KIND.

Step 6: Here you go, MPEG version and AAC version. Now we want the AAC version.

Step 7: Select the AAC version, right click, select Show in Window Explorer.

Step 8: Here your converted ringtone in the folder.

Step 9: Goto window toolbar, select Tools, Folder Options

Step 10: Click View Tab, see the highlighted box ? " untick" the column! so that your files can see their extensions.

Step 11: Now, Right click the song in the folder, change the extension to m4r.

Step 12: Click YES.

Step 13: Now, select ur song and Drag it to your desktop! ( so that you can easily find it back later)

Step 14: Go back to your ITune. Select the Song tat we converted to AAC , and DELETE it.
Step 15: Click REMOVE.

Step 16: After delete, drag the ringtone we just located at Desktop back to Library! ( the blue ). Dont worry, the ITune will automatically allocate under ringtone section.

Step 17: See, under Library, RIngtone section, your file is there. Now ready to sync to your iphone.

Step 18: Before your sync, make sure your songs is listed under Devices, Ringtone as above. Then select and Sync! After that, goto your iphone, under "settings, sounds, ringtone, the songis locate at the most top part.

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