Sunday, October 11, 2009

Mixed Grain Rice Balls

I don't wish to change the norm, I mean this pearl rice balls are originally make with white glutinious rice, However....I have tried my best to search for glutinous rice, again, my mum keep searching for me, can't find it, went to grocery store, they sell like 5kg! my goodness, I only need 70g ;p
I used mixed grains, mum said it is a bit hard, better use jasmine rice . whatever it is, I will keep this recipe , and to impress frens next time! quite yummy !
I took this recipe from Lydia Teh - my Kitchen , I changed a bit , I added some prawns for more springy texture.

70g rice (mixed grain or glutinous) , soaked overnite for mixed grain
1 T cooking oil
100g minced pork / chicken
100g minced prawn , another 50g cut prawns for stuffing
1 stalk green onion , chopped
few cloves garlic , minced
few slices gingler, minced
1 T corn flour
1 T oyster sauce
1 T cooking wine
some black pepper
1 t sugar
1. soak the rice with water and 1 T of cooking oil for at least 4 hours & above.
2. Mix all the sauce & minced garlic/ginger/chopped onion in a ball.
3. Mix both all the meat together and marinate well with [2] and put in fridge for 1 hour.
4. Roll each ball and stuff with some chopped prawn and put aside.
5. Cover each ball with rice.
6.Ready the steamer , and lay with some vege / baking paper on.
7. Steam at high fire for 30 minutes. In between, open the lid, sprinkle with some water on the balls.

Use a spoon to scoop the meat, roll it in 1 hand, then pad with some rice with another hand, then use 2 hands to shape in between the palms.
Cover the balls with rice.

After steam..

I will make another version with glutinous rice!


Agnes said...

wah so long you no update your blog!! :O

very creative instead of the usual plain white rice :D

Denise ^ ChickyEGG said...

Agnes: ha ha, basically Im quite malas to update my blog! ha ha

jjcht said...

Hi! Got your link from Amelia. Nice blog you have thr! I also cannot find the glutinous rice. Saw Giant got, but 5KG!!! My MIL make this with glutinous rice b4, taste very good. I think better than normal white rice. If u can find where to buy small qty glutinous rice, pls do let me know ya. Thanks!

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