Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Thai Masak-Masak

I think this is the 4th time we get together, and cook ! Besides creamy whom I know this monster for LONG enough ;p We happened to meet these 2 gentlemen via internet ( I guess back to 6 ~ 7 10++ years ago at least, when those time really famous of ICQ Chatting) . They are paw paw and wah kon. Our leader - paw paw , always the one who led the group and call around for cooking session! the first time was 2001, 2003, then 2006, and now 2009 ! This time we had wah kon's beautiful wife - Ching , to prepare some Thai food for us ! which we wanted for so long and the most Proud-person of the night was surely - Wah kon ! everyone non stop raving about Ching's cooking.. how yum how sedap how good were the dishes, even better than some restaurant for sure!

Fried Wings with Tomato chillie sauce. ( This taste & look a like buffalo wings! )

Thai Glass Noodle Salad. I actually packed some for next day lunch with the sauce. and surprisingly the glass noodle still very springy and didnt go soggy even soaked in the sauce for overnite! Then later i found out, this superior quality of the glass noodle was from Thailand! can't get in kk! argh!!!

Green Curry Chicken! Can eat bowls of rice with this.

Long bean with minced beef & basil leave. something new to me

Kangkung with beanpaste! - another new item to me too!

in fact her tom yum soup is really good without ajinomoto, without salt ! all from scratch!Lemongrass , Lime leaves, tomatoes, seafood, etc.

our sweet ending of the night - Creamy's choco moose with vanilla ice-cream! ;> yum


ganache-ganache said...

kang kung with beanpaste is quite unique, the only one I know is with belacan ! recipe pls, D likes kang kung

Denise ^ ChickyEGG said...

aiyoh... later i get the recipe for u lar .. hahah ya la ya la i know u like kang kung & sotong lah! hahahahhahahah

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