Sunday, August 2, 2009

Ganache's Chicken Pie

I am really busy. I am understress learning some alien program at home for office purpose! Primavera's SureTrak is so pain-in-ass ! Currently we are upgrading from Microsoft Project to ST. ST is a project management program. Anyone using it now? share some tips?
Anyway, I am so busy to cook, but I still have time to eat chicken pie! he he he! I love my baker's chicken pie a lot! I think i been eating this for 1 month ! I have chicken pie, beef pie in fridge! I order some frozen pies from , bake it for breakfast or just any time I need some food to kill my hunger!
ok, tata for now, continue my ST.

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NEE said...

Primavera def better. I used the P6. can do much more than microsoft.

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