Friday, July 17, 2009

Bintulu Korean Restaurant, Lintas

me & Aunt went to 'explore' this new Korean Restaurant at Lintas. ( Above of the Corner Sang Yuk mien, opposite Salim). Oh well, this place has 2 dining areas, one with round tables on flat floor another is like this, with "underground" design, where more space for you can swing your legs! ha ha , nah, these seating section is mainly for Bulgogi .

we were served with some banchan (side dishes) - Kimchi, Kongjaban (Korean sweet beans) and another err... I dunno, some parboiled fern vege with sauce. all very nice.

Dolsot Bibimbap - we are so kampung , we requested them to make bull eye egg than served with raw one! this bibimbap is really good especially go with the chillie paste. the Chillie paste is very 'heong' (fragnant). This mixed rice is much better than Hi-Seoul in Likas.

I forgot the name, I think is Spicy Seafood Steamboat. Veeeeeeeery yummy! You can really taste the 'sweetness' of the soup despite the spicyness that really keeps my nose running the whole dinner ! lols, tissues are all around the table.

I will definitely come back for this restaurant. I think this is better than Hi-Seoul in Likas. And thanks to my Aunt's wallet ;p


ganache-ganache said...

This Bintulu has been around for quite awhile already, ah moi ! try out Supul @ Citymall, opened by my fren, big portion, small price tag !!

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